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Munisupport Services offers responsive website design and web development for local governments and businesses.

Your webpage and other social media outlets are your gateway to the digital world and, especially, your constituents and customer. 


Cities, Villages, Towns and Townships benefit from a professional web presence –when companies or residents evaluate a city, they look at the community as a whole: schools, parks, housing, amenities, safety, and access to medical care. A consistent promotion of your city’s benefits and appeal will position your local government for success, contribute to the bottom line, and help achieve your administration's mission. However, hiring a web developer can be both expensive and unreliable, and most small towns just don’t have the time to manage a website development project or to maintain it. As a result, many small cities and towns either have no website at all, or what they have is so out of date that they’ve completely abandoned it.

Munisupport offers solutions to Municipalities that eliminate the hassle of trying to determine the ins and outs of designing, building, and hosting a website saving you time, money, and frustration. We offer a professional, cutting edge, search engine optimized website, customized for small cities and towns at an incredibly affordable price point.

Munisupport offers these same services to businesses and non-governmental organizations at an affordable price. 


Think of your brand as your community's or company’s personality, and the impression it makes on to the public. Communicated visually and verbally, branding encompasses both sight and sound. Great branding can make you stand out as unique, help you engage with residents or customers. If you don’t think you need a brand, you should know you already have one. Everything you do as a local government or company forms your brand. The goal is to strategically manage the impression your local government or company makes.

Brand development doesn’t have to be fancy and expensive. It just has to be consistent. Because it’s the heart and soul of your community or business.

Defining a brand – or even redefining it – is a process a community or business self-analysis. Munisupport can guide you through this self-examination to find out what your community or customers are actually thinking. We work with you to identify and document your community or business goals and objectives, translating key findings into a cohesive brand.


Social media is a proven and powerful marketing channel that plays an important role in promoting brand and awareness. What’s more, statistics increasingly demonstrate that the majority of consumers – in an incredibly diverse demographic – are all using social media to discover, research, and share information about products and services.

Social media chatter can also significantly boost your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) rankings. With more people in the social media community sharing, liking, recommending and discussing your business – your website moves up to a higher position on the search engine results page.

Undeniably, social media marketing is important for business branding, lead generation and sales. But many companies are unsure of where to begin, or, simply don’t have the resources to focus on this highly influential technology platform. Munisupport can help you develop a strong, successful presence on social media sites